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One of Ottawa’s best-kept secrets, Britannia Village offers a cottage like environment just minutes from the hustle and bustle of downtown. This community is located along the bank of the Ottawa River. According to the Britannia Village Association, Britannia Village is the area bounded by Mud Lake Conservation Area, the Ottawa River, and the National Capital…

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How important is your credit rating when applying for a mortgage? I recently asked “What mortgage questions do you have?” on my facebook page ( and someone posted a great question – “How important is your credit rating when applying for a mortgage?”  …. I LOVE IT!  It’s such a great topic to discuss because of…

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Earlier,  I wrote a blog called Considerations for Renovations: Increasing the Value of Your Home. In that blog I outlined some basic things you should consider prior to getting to starting on a major renovation, including preparing your budget, selecting a good contractor, and getting some comparable quotes. Renovations are a good way to modernize your…

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Photo Credit: Apt613   Planning on moving soon? So what will it be…urban or suburban? What is the difference anyways? These terms simply refer to where people live relative to the densely populated core of a city.   However, there are some key considerations for each choice that will have major impacts on your day-to-day life.  The…

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