Out With the Old: Design Trends to Ditch in 2018

Let’s face it, figuring out what makes for good design is an admittedly subjective exercise. If you ask a dozen experts their thoughts on a particular design, you’ll likely get a dozen different opinions. Nevertheless, some home design trends manage to rise to mass acceptance. So what trends need to go in 2018 according to some design experts?

Cement tiles

From backsplashes to mudroom floors, the cement tile reigned supreme this year. It crowed about in virtually every major design magazine, but in 2018 we should wave goodbye. If you can’t say no to this trend, at least choose a well-crafted design in an appropriate pattern and color that you think you’ll like for years to come.

Tropical prints

2017 – the year of the pineapple, the flamingo, the cactus and the philodendron leaf. Unless you live in a tropical climate, the exotic look tends to feel really out of place after the summer has passed.

The chevron pattern

It seems we couldn’t turn around in 2017 without bumping into some version of the pattern in everything from lampshades to backsplashes. If you’re unwilling to let go of your chevron prints, try incorporating more elaborate versions of the pattern such as herringbone.

The overstated hood fan

Once the prominent design feature in open-concept kitchens, the overstated hood fan is officially out, with designers predicting it’ll soon be integrated into cabinetry. But thanks to HGTV, they became visual centerpieces of the modern kitchen. In 2018, most designers predict a return to sleek, streamlined kitchen design.

Farmhouse style

Experts call it the Chip and Joanna Gaines effect: Over the past few years, farmhouse sinks and shiplap walls became mainstream thanks to the Gaines duo. If you love the look, follow your dreams. But keep in mind the downward spiral if you’re considering selling any time soon. Most buyers will see only another eyesore that needs replacing.

White-on-white everything

Crisp white bedding and walls seems like a beautiful idea, but most of us have kids and/or pets. So although the all-white look has dominated design trends for the past few years, times are changing. People are now embracing rich shades of brown, black, and green for a more seductive yet sophisticated feel.

Rose gold

Rose gold has saturated the market. It’s everywhere, from your iPhone to your living room, and as a result it’s overrated.

The open floor plan

This is a tough one to call. Some designers say homeowners will continue to crave open space to facilitate family and social gathering and entertaining. However, other experts have suggested it’s a thing of the past as we are starting to entertain more traditionally, with sit-down dinners and having separate living spaces will be returning.

Of course, we don’t need to change our entire home just because HGTV says they are out of style. Everyone has their preference. Your home should speak to your personality.


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