Revamp Your Kitchen!

As the heart of the home, your kitchen deserves all the attention. Kitchen renovations can be extremely costly, time consuming and interfere with daily living. Try some of these inexpensive ideas to give your kitchen a fresh look.

Update your flooring

Depending on the size of your space and the type of material, updating your flooring from vinyl to laminate or real hardwood can make all the difference. Also, check under those carpets for authentic flooring!

Replace or remove upper cabinets

Want more of an open feel? Swap out heavy wooden doors for ones with glass or if you really don’t need them, get rid of them! Simply adding open shelves will create a more modern feeling to the space.

Amp up the lighting

Changing fixtures anywhere in the home can bring an immediate update to the space. Whether you are looking for a warm, dramatic or modern aesthetic, plenty of stores offer hardware options to suite you vision.


Painting a space is both affordable and transformative. Paint can be used on cabinets, counter tops and even old appliances. There are plenty of products and techniques available. Be sure to ask questions when choosing a product to avoid messy situations.

Replace the countertops

New countertops can drastically improve the look of your kitchen. Again, there are so many materials that can be used to replace that tired looking countertop. If granite isn’t in your budget, try butcher block for a country chic look or concrete if you’re feeling adventurous.

Think outside the box when a full renovation isn’t possible. Hiring a professional is always the route to take when venturing into renos.

Anything is possible with a creative hand.. and pintrest.


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